Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guatemala - Day 3 (Journal Entry)

I hope that by reading this blog that you are moved by God the same way he moved me by the experience I had working with the Pokomchi people of La Campana, Guatemala. He taught me much about Himself, myself and what it means to be on mission for Him. This was written in my journal and is an actual excerpt of what I wrote. God bless you.

3/7/11 -PM
-Wow, I am exhausted and alive! This earthly shell of mine is really feeling fatigue and pains, yet my spirit (the real me) is alive and well, because Jesus my Lord is alive and here in La Campana! This morning we split into our mission teams after a breakfast of oatmeal and instant Guatemala coffee. My team was Dana Sneed, J.B. Williamson and Jeff Thomas - the missionary here. Before we could even leave for the houses though, the doctors had to go to the house of a 28 year old burn victim - Erma - to help her out and tend her wounds. While they were gone I went with Bethani Thomas, Dana Sneed, Brian Knack and Hannah Phelps to walk around and visit local villagers. Right away we were invited into a house/tienda where a girl named Mariela, her mother and some extended family members were. We immediately found ourselves sharing Bible stories with them as Bethani translated into Po'kom.
The breakfast area at our site.
-Over the day my team visited 5 separate houses. In each we saw from 12 to 25 people. We saw everything from stomach aches to shoulder problems to worms to rashes. J.B. and Jeff diagnosed, treated and gave out medications for most everything (except for the parasites unfortunately). It struck me how welcoming and thankful the Pokomchi were as we came to their homes. My preconceptions were that they would be cold and fearful of us. But God is good! They had so little - dirt floors and wooden beds with perhaps a table or a shelf - in a 1 room shell of a house. Yet these people are so grateful, content and happy.
The Pokomchi people were humbling to be around.
- I was almost moved to tears many times seeing their gratitude and Jeff's love for them as he served. They obviously were glad to see him and he was equally glad to see them. We all helped with distribution of the medicines and I was privileged to be able to tell the Bible stories twice in their houses. The confidence I had in the Holy Spirit to recite Cain and Abel, Nicodemus and "Let The Children Come to Me" surprised me. As Jeff was translating a particular phrase I thought about the fact that this was the 1st time the Gospel had been proclaimed here and was just overwhelmed. I feel God moving here and He is changing me too as I serve Him! I wonder if perhaps God is calling me to missions.... :-)
If He is I feel confident that I would be obedient to go.
Jeff and one of our guides, Benito (from Day 4)
- The kids here are so fun! They like to come play with us and are constantly peering into our windows, following on our heels, peeping around corners and just wanting to be with us. I love these kids. Thank God that many of them speak Spanish in addition to Po'kom, haha. I am surprised at how much Espanol that I remember as well! God is Good!

-Tonight Dana and I tried to get the kids to teach us different phrases in Po'kom.
   Hello - "C'alen" (add "Tak" if plural)
   Goodbye - "Noj Pe" (pronounced Noch Pay with a throaty 'ch' sound)
   Thank You - "Intioux Awe" (pronounced 'In-tee-osh away')
   Yes - "Ho"
   No - "Max Ta" or "Ta" (pronounced 'mosh ta')
Hopefully I'll learn more the more time I spend with the children.
Jeff giving the girls their first taste of peanut butter.
-At one point today I thought to myself 'I wish I had some time to myself' but God quickly broke me. After all, my attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ (Phil. 2) and he said "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." Talk about being put in my place! Now I am sitting outside in the amazing night air in from the dying embers of the fire talking to Bethani, Hannah, Jeremy Smothers and Brian. We are talking about life, love and what all God is doing in our lives. :-)
So I leave you, my journal, eager to see what the day brings tomorrow, wanting to see the LORD God move yet again! In Christ, Esteban

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