Wednesday, September 25, 2013


We either embrace it or we fear it.
As we move into the fall season I can't help but reflect on the changing of seasons: both in nature and in our spirits. After all, it is a part of life for things to be born, for things to grow, for things to die. Spiritually, I grow, I change, I transform. 

What is it about change that causes such drastic responses among humans?

Change is a part of life that is intrinsically linked with renewal. Things must die so that new things may be born. There must be change for there to be life. It is in itself the very evidence of life, both in flesh and in spirit. 

If I'm not experiencing change as a person, then, could it be said that I am not truly living?

Renewal is the key.

We fear deep down that something in the process of transformation will go wrong. We fear that perhaps we will end up worse off. We doubt God himself.

Instead of taking this "risk", we stagnate. Content to remain in stasis, we simply exist.

But existing is not living.

I must embrace the change, and take a leap of faith in order to truly live. Letting go of what I've known I must trust that personal growth, personal transformation, and personal life all stem from allowing God to change me. It stems from allowing Him to transform my mind, which will transform my actions, which may lead me to a place that is "uncomfortable." 

But is it truly uncomfortable if I'm actually alive? Maybe I'm truly living for the first time.

Scripturally, change is crucial to experiencing life. At the most fundamental level, I must experience a complete change in identity to walk in the way of Love. Christ himself replaced my heart completely with his own for me to be able to love, to live.

It's not simply a matter of experiencing a change of situation, but a change of self. 

A metamorphosis. 
I must be transformed by the renewing is my mind. I must lose my life to find it. 

Living requires change.
Change requires sacrifice.

But once I experience this sacrifice, this change; THEN I may truly live. 

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