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5 Reasons Why "The Green Hornet" Is Worth Watching

Movie Review: The Green Hornet
rated PG:13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality, and drug content
Movie Making: 4 out of 5 stars
Morality Rating: Better than Average

Instead of a traditional review in where I walk you through in essay format the reasons for rating a certain film as I do, I have decided that a unique film like "The Green Hornet" deserved an equally unique movie review! Sure, it's been in theaters a few weeks, but I decided to see it just recently. And really really freaking loved it!
SO, here are my 5 reasons why "The Green Hornet" is worth watching.

1. The Wit/Humor
The dialogue in "The Green Hornet" was seriously a surprise to me. Usually I go see comic book movies and am bored with pretentious subplots and past histories of the characters that are long and boring. Usually, the main character has some sort of internal struggle with his identity (Spider-man) or is just trying to figure out his relationships (Iron-man) but in the case of The Green Hornet, what you see is what you get.
Seth Rogen was not only enlisted as the title character, but he gets credit for helping write the screenplay to this movie! This movie never takes itself seriously, as one could expect from a movie starring American's favorite raunchy-comedic actor, yet that is one of "The Green Hornet"s strong points.
How could you NOT like this guy?
Britt Reid is a playboy son  of a newspaper editor who can't seem to get a grasp on life. Rogen's script is chock full of lines like "You know what you are? You're a human Swiss army knife." (To Kato) and "You know what I like my women to have? Balls." (To Lenore Case in regards to her gutsy interview). Instead of his character developing and growing out of his child-like behavior, "The Green Hornet" has us laugh with Seth Rogen's Britt Reid as he bumbles along. I would say that the only major character development occurs when Britt discovers that being a crime-fighter is NOT a piece of cake!
Here is one more example of the kind of banter you can expect in this movie.

Kato: We'll need a car.
Britt Reid: Hells yes, we'll need a car.
Kato: Some weapons and armor.
Britt Reid: Cool rims. Spinning rims. 
Kato: I can do that.
Britt Reid: Kato, I want you to take my hand. I want you to come with me on this adventure.
Kato: I go with you, but I don't want to touch you.
Britt Reid: Ok, you don't have to take my hand but will you come with me on this adventure?
Kato: Ok.
Britt Reid: Yes.

2. The Cast
"The Green Hornet" contains one of the single most eclectic sets of cast members I have ever seen in a movie. Blame that on director Michel Gondry's quirkiness, or blame it on the studio. Either way, somehow, it works.
Seth Rogen has long been known as a comedic actor, appearing in such movies as "Knocked Up" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin". Needless to say, casting him was a MAJOR stretch that caused many fans to wince, yet it is a decision that pays off. Rogen defines the character of Britt Reid for a new generation, creating a character that feels somewhat relatable, yet believably awesome.
Jay Chou takes the role left by Bruce Lee in the original Green Hornet tv series and plays The Green Hornet's sidekick Kato with a cool, calm, Charisma. (wink) Everything seems like a breeze to this character, who not only creates all the gear used by TGH and team but also has created a machine that makes the perfect cup of coffee! In one of the movies' memorable scenes, Britt Reid storms around his father's estate yelling, trying to find the maker of such an incredible cappuccino. An added plus is that Jay Chou is the spitting image of John Cho, who co-starred in 2009's Star Trek movie.
Jay Chou or John Cho?
Cameron Diaz plays the lovely Lenore Case. Come on guys! It's Cameron Diaz!!!
Christoph Walz is the villainous "Chudnofsky" (Okay, yeah, that's one of the worst villain names ever conceived) BUT after proving his chilling acting chops in Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds", Walz is hands down one of the best choices for ANY villain EVER.
He can deliver the right amount of cheese while still being believably evil.
And finally, James Franco (that's right ladies!) makes a surprise cameo at the beginning as a drug underlord in the city. Any movie with Franco in it is better in my books!

3. The Director - Michel Gondry
For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Michel Gondry (proncouned Mee-shell, NOT Michael) is the writer and director of 3 amazing movies in my books as well as countless music videos. 
He directed the critically acclaimed "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "The Science of Sleep" and "Be Kind Rewind". Among his many music video credits are The White Stripes, Radiohead and Bjork. This video gives you just a small glimpse inside this creative genius' mind.

Gondry is known for his very indie, visually trippy video work. His unique usage of lighting, handheld camera work and time manipulation has solidified Gondry as one of the most striking directors out there. It was Gondry who first invented the camera techniques used by the Wachowski's in The Matrix. 

Gondry has also guest directed episodes of "Flight of the Conchords" and "The Office". If you have time, check them out. ANYWAY, Gondry's ridiculously cool style leads us to point 4 of my 5 reasons why......

4. This Shot.....
As far as I'm concerned, this fight sequence is cinema GOLD. I was literally FLOORED when I saw this in the theater. Of course, the 3D only added to the depth of the scene.
And that is my final point....

5. The 3D conversion rocked
Following in the footsteps of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Tron: Legacy", "The Green Hornet" showcased some of the very finest 3D technology in Hollywood. While it was not shot in 3D like "Avatar" or the upcoming Pirates, Transformers and Hobbit movies, the 3D was used to enhance the experience. It was never a gimmick (as in "The Last Airbender") and only helped draw the audience further into the story! And yeah, it made That Shot look pretty darn cool. :-)

MY CONCLUSION: Is this. Go See The Green Hornet.
You won't regret it. 

The REAL Bowman

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