Monday, January 17, 2011

Thoughts on the Golden Globes (and other stuff)

As most of you probably know, the Golden Globes were awarded last night in
what could go down in history as one of the most unremarkable and boring
cinema award seasons of all time. I am proud to say that I called ALL of the big
awards (except for Paul Giamatti, that was just weird!) and thoroughly enjoyed
my correctness. "The Social Network" of course swept the awards show like my
mama sweeps the kitchen after shaving our golden retriever and took awards that
truly belonged to other films. Yes, "The Social Network" was fantastic, but did it
deserve to receive the Best Picture award? It's a movie about facebook for crying
out loud! (More blogging on blogging and facebook coming soon!)

In my opinion, "Inception" deserved an award for Best Picture. It was the most
original of the movies nominated and proved that high art could indeed be fun
AND make a few bucks. Why it didn't win anything shocks me to this day (the
day after the Globes)

Of course Natalie Portman won Best Actress for "Black Swan". That was a no
duh. For a split second I wondered if maybe she wouldn't get it, then laughed and
leaned back in my chair to watch Jeff Bridges say her melodic name. And then
dear, dear Natalie had to go and be all awkward in her acceptance speech. Don't
believe me? Watch this...
Natalie, darling. Don't talk about sex in your awards speech. Thank you honey.
But yeah, she sure as heck deserved it! Click HERE for my review of  "Black Swan".

And then Colin Firth got his Best Actor, and Johnny Depp DIDN'T get his Best Comedic
Actor, yada yada. The one thing that made me really happy was to see both Christian Bale 
AND Melissa Leo recognized for their amazing work in "The Fighter". Both did fantastic jobs....

NOW. I need to say something about "Glee". Yes, it is popular and YES it is a musical 
but NO NO NO it is NOT Golden Globe material! Ugh. I was really disappointed to 
see this mediocre show win over not only "30 Rock" but "Modern Family" as well! 
Gay propaganda aside, Glee just isn't comparable to these vastly superior shows.
And yes, I said "Modern Family" should have won. I don't agree with the very liberal
viewpoint of the show, but it certainly deserved something.

The highlight of the Golden Globes? Watching Ricky Gervais deliver biting jabs and
personal insults at high speed without any hesitation. This man needs to host the Oscars.
Yeah, Charlie Sheen, you have a right to be mad. (LOL as the Social Network kids say)

Alright: I've said my part. What did YOU think about the Golden Globes? Or do you 
even care? You probably don't care! Do you? It's ok. You shouldn't! The Oscars are
where it's at anyway in terms of film awards. Everybody just likes to see slightly 
intoxicated celebrities accept awards from other celebrities and then be all awkward
on stage. Hear that, Kanye?

My final comment is this: If you enjoyed Natalie Portman in "Black Swan" but need
to get rid of your frustration from last night's awards, then watch THIS......

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