Friday, January 14, 2011

In the Studio with LWH: Day 2

January 14th, 2011

today was LONG. Really freaking long. BUT we got a lot accomplished.
I am really tired so I'm gonna keep it to a minimum this time for the update
and leave everything else up to your imagination.

1. Rachel:
The song is coming along nicely! All the drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals are
done already, so the only thing left is violin. :-) I'm gonna be busy tomorrow.
There is some new stuff going on in the breakdown that I'm excited about, thanks
to Alex's expert production. And Matt's. And mine. haha. But just know that the
piano is going to be featured in a new, cool way on this one...

2. Who Knew Us Then
By far the most time was spent on this one today. Matt created a whole bunch of
midi files and sound effects for this one, and in the words of our producer "It sounds
really 80's. Which is a good thing." SCORE. I also co-wrote a string part with Matt
in studio that we are going to lay tomorrow. I'm excited about the possibilities with
this one. For an idea of what the strings are going to sound like, check out "Our God"
by Chris Tomlin. Not exactly the same, but the effect is similar.

3. Out of Egypt
This one is really exciting. This is a curious song, as we came to the studio looking to
experiment and receive input on it. This is sounding really good thus far, even without
vocals and violin solo. BUT the guitar and bass work from Randall and Rex are superb.
Tonight for dinner the band hit up local Barbecue favorite "Big Shanty's Barbecue". Aside
from the obviously Kick-Butt name that is fun to repeat over and over in a pirate voice,
Big Shanty had some really good barbecue, and mac n cheese every bit as good as the kind
my mama makes. Oh yeah....

And since you care, I can tell you that when I wasn't producing or string part writing,
I downloaded the whole 1st season of Even Stevens. Remember that show? Good times.
Good times. :-)
And I spilled a huge old vanilla coke in my lap. Looked like I was too excited to contain

Until our roads cross, or you email me,

The REAL Bowman

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