Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Studio with LWH: Day 1

January 13th, 2011

After a rather confusing bout of dialog that led us to the conclusion that it WASN'T Friday the
13th, Loser's Way Home began work on what will shape up to become an ep of ALL new
music. We are here in Kennesaw, Ga at Pendlwood Studios. Our engineer Alex proved right
away to be both of the musical creativity level and wit caliber that we as a band so so so
desired! (Both of our previous recording experiences involved less-than-human humans)
Contrary to what I had previously said, today was almost ENTIRELY drum work.
Let's hear it for our amazing drummer Ryan Veach! Yeah! He totally pwned his parts.
The 3 songs are all shaping up nicely, but one of them (I think I'll let which one be a surprise!)
is gonna be OUTSTANDING due to a spur of the moment production choice by Alex to create
an original drum loop using Ryan's skills.
After looping and tweaking and putting effects on it, the loop sounded cooler than anything
anyone in Loser's Way Home had imagined. And so it begins!

Tomorrow will be primarily bass, guitar and keys, although I may get to use my Fiddle Skills. :-)
Alex is much more involved with production than we expected, which is creating a slightly different,
although welcome recording experience. His musical knowledge is leading to some new ideas and
new sounds that I believe will be gladly received by our fan base....I can't wait to pull out Freddy!
(that would be my fiddle)

I can't wait for you guys to hear these songs! I think it has been well worth your wait!

On another note: THE REST OF THE DAY
1. I went to a doctor and got stuck, x-rayed, prodded and God knows what else. BUT I end up with a
Z pack, prednisone, a cough elixir and an inhaler at the end of the day, so by vox the day after tomorrow
I'll be in ship shape!

2. For dinner the band decided to visit Wing Factory for dinner. I swear it felt like I was in a Lebanese
living room, but the food was legit. We all got wings and fries and MAN were they good.
I leave you with a digital scratch n' sniff for your pleasure!
Until the next studio blog!

The REAL Bowman

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  1. I'm enjoying the studio updates & I'm so excited about hearing the songs & Freddy! :)
    I'm so glad you got some medicine! I'll be praying you feel better soon.