Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to "The Real Bowman"

Reality TV.
It seems like such a horrible thing, but yet millions and millions of Americans are drawn to it.
Obviously, hence the fact that it has survived the onslaught of tv ratings and viewers choice.
So, the question is "why": Why this fascination with the so called "real world"?

It boils down to this-
People want to know what goes on outside of their own lives, and imagine BETTER ones.
They want to imagine their dull, boring selves in the midst of drama, intrigue, sexual tension,
adventure, competition, fame, etc. ANYTHING that represents something other than the doldrums
in which they live.

This blog is NOT such a thing.
Yes, there will be drama, intrigue, sexual tension (? or not) adventure, competition and fame, BUT
my goal is not for people to want to be jealous or to obsess. Quite the contrary. I hope to INVEST
in my readers through my experiences.
Being in a band of course there will be some darn cool stuff on here, but I hope to use this blog as a way
to transmit encouragement from my relationship with a personal GOD to the reader.
That way my readers will see all that goes on and see how I view it and react within the lenses
of my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I will review media.
I will post song lyrics.
I will update you on the current doings of my band Loser's Way Home (including our record label drama)
I MAY vent from time to time.

BUT all this is to say that I love YOU, my reader and want to bless you somehow by you reading my blog.
Jesus loves you too, and I hope that this blog will communicate that.

That is all for now.
I need some more coffee....
and to pack for the studio....

The Real Bowman

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