Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From the Studio: Recording the new EP

Loser's Way Home is in Kennesaw GA gearing up for 3 straight days of
creative outlet.
Beginning tomorrow we will begin work on the next leg of our musical
journey. Currently the guys are tuning their guitars, checking their
Facebook and Twitter accounts, and making stupid jokes about our
bedding situations. :-)
I am online looking for a local family doctor to visit about this awful
chest cold/infection/whatevertheheckisthis. Fun stuff, and exactly what
I was hoping to do on a recording trip.

Back to the band!
Tomorrow looks like we will be working on a little song called


Yeah, you know the one!

The following days may or may not be spent recording songs that
may or may not be "Who Knew Us Then" and "Out of Egypt"
...but don't hold me to it.
Pictures will be taken.
Music WILL be recorded.
Walls will be destroyed.
Eardrums will be busted.
Sound engineers will be awed.
LWH will be awesome.
I will FIDDLE your face off.
Fiddle IN. YOUR. FACE!

Anywho, I wish you were here to share this time with us.

No I don't. That was a lie.

The REAL Bowman

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  1. Yayy Rachel!! :D Y'all are going to be awesome :) Hope you feel better soon!! being sick is no fun