Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the Studio with LWH: Day 3

January 15, 2011

I am VERY proud of the band. Today we worked for 12 straight hours
with only 45 minutes for lunch break. 9 AM to 9 PM.
And what we got in the end is WELL worth it.
Today we started by finishing up the guitar and key stuff with
Randall and Matt, and then spent the afternoon recording vocals and
violin stuff.
I absolutely LOVED working with Alex Rexroat as our producer. At one
point he literally picked up a tambourine and just started playing and was
like "We've got to record this." He was quirky but a very hard worker, and
genuinely seemed interested in our music. He told me to view a hard passage
that I had to record as a boss on the NES game system. Score.

He made sure to tell
us that the animal on top
of his speaker was a
a shark. Sweet action
as far as I'm concerned.

And then he was
wearing a
Ghostbusters shirt
today. BINGO.

There really isn't a whole lot to say about the recording process
today, other than it was a WHOLE lot of work, and we got it all
done. Yay!
Look for our all new EP to be released soon! Possibly this Spring.
It is tentatively titled "The Way Things Were" and will have the following track listing....
1. O Maker
2. Rachel
3. Who Knew Us Then
4. Out of Egypt
Folks, you are in for some good junk! I am amazed at how good the recordings sound already, and they aren't mixed and leveled yet!

By the way, I randomly searched on Google for the word "anagram" today and it asked me if I meant "nag a ram". Ironic, huh?

Above you can see two lovely photos! The one on the left is ME recording vocals in the sound booth and the one on the right is Alex's computer with one of our tracks up and playing. PLEASE note the Kentucky Wildcats hat on the soundboard. I will say that he managed to rub Coach Cal in our faces the first day, but then was kind enough to remain silent on the matter for the rest of our visit. Ahem.. carry on.
OH MAN! I just remembered a story of me recording vocals. SO, when I was recording the harmonies for "Out of Egypt" my voice started to go. I mean, one second I was fine and the next it was like Gollum trying to cover Celine Dion. It was BAAADDD news for me. Cause those vocals are HIGH! :-) But yeah, I went for it, and then my voice cracked and CRASHED! HARD! As Matt put it, it sounded like Homer Simpson doing his little yell (?). To me it felt like something as bad as Superman crashing into a building. And yes, it is a lofty thing to compare oneself to a superhero, but I like to think of myself as Superman at times. Although he is by far not my favorite superhero. That would have to be Batman. Or Spider-man. I like him. But then the whole DC vs. Marvel thing comes up, and that is just nasty. So who cares. I could pick some obscure character.
MY VOCAL CRASH WAS AS INTENSE AS ARMLESS TIGERMAN CRASHING INTO A BUILDING! But, we got a good take after everyone was done laughing. And yes, I'm glad you asked, I did laugh at myself too.

And finally the most important part of the day! DINNER: Today we went to Big Pie in the Sky and OH MY, this place had the most amazing pizza that I have EVER tasted! Each piece was literally as big as an Asian Elephant's ear, or perhaps my head if it was flattened. Or a small woman's shirt. BUT it was intense.
And epic. I do believe we all were expecting slightly smaller pieces.

Matt looking all proud with his pizza!

I have to say that this was one highly productive band trip and we are pleased to announce that the remainder of the tracks for our new record will be recorded here in the Atlanta branch of Pendlwood Studios!

Oh yeah

The REAL Bowman

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